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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Almost Hemingway-esque

How cool is this? A tall wing-backed chair, the keys of a grand piano being tickled in such a way that the music is soothing, and the elegant lobby of the William Penn Hotel as the setting for musings about my first visit to the Steel City. Who knew Pittsburgh could or would be this great? I am reminded of a story from this summer's RCWP session where old Ernie H. ambled into a small, Northern Michigan coffee shop, on a blustery day, to write (I believe Mitch brought this tale to us.) After consumining a couple of cups of joe, I believe he switched to a much stronger concoction (was it rum?) and continued to write. Although I have yet to taste an adult beverage today, I still feel like the "late outdoors-afficionado" who seemed to enjoy writing in "different places." Who else, as a third year teacher, has the chance to compose in such an elegant and interesting venue! Thanks, Janet, for a wonderful opportunity to be involved in this neat adventure! More to come.......


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