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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Arriving in Pittsburgh

Anne and I drove down to Pittsburgh last night like the rest of the crew. I am not a very good passenger, but I have to say my car sickness was minimal and I didn't complain much at all.

Just like a family trip, I started to get a little giddy as we got closer to Pittsburgh....and then - all of a sudden - we turn the corner and voila! the city of Pittsburgh stands before. It was everything I never expected. I had this vision of a town similar to Detroit, kind of slumy and dark. But it wasn't like that at all. Being from small town Corunna, and living in the cereal capital of the world, Battle Creek, I can't wait to explore all the Pittsburgh has to offer.

Now, we all sit in the lobby of the Omni and await 1:00, when we have to present to tech liasons from all around the United States. I am not nervous yet, but I am sure, like my trip to Pittsburgh, as soon as it gets close I will get a little giddy.


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