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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pittsburgh...the sights, the sounds, the people. This is THE windy city today, and at about 20 below zero, we are moving briskly. We walked from the Omni Hotel, where our first presentation today was held (as part of the National Writing Project) and the Convention Center several blocks away. We took a scenic route, as Ninna wanted to show us a very old church, a huge black stone cathedral. There in the middle of the highrise buildings, were centuries-old headstones right in the city block. After walking to the convention center and getting the registrations packets, we took another path back. On this trek we came upon another gem amidst the towering buildings. Nestled impossibly between skyscrapers was an old brick and flagstone courtyard. The ornate iron gates were inviting us in, so of course we entered. It turned out to be the Harvard-Yale-Princeton Club. At one time it was a brothel and monks lived there. Presumably not simultaneously. I have photos. Very interesting.


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