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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Shuttle, shuttle everywhere and no place to ride

Upon my arrival to Pittsburgh International Airport, I gathered my bags and called for the hotel shuttle. The friendly voice at the other end indicated that my chariot would be arriving within 10 minutes at door #8. Sashaying through the doorway, I was greeted by a cold blast of Pittsburgh wind. The Radisson Greentree shuttle arrived, operated by Jim, a recently retired Pittsburgh fireman. I hopped in the front and was quickly followed by 7 other teachers who were booked at the R-G. Jim completed loading the bags and climbed in, ready to throw it into gear and head east (I think?) His cell phone jangled to life, and the kind voice that had spoken to me earlier told him that four more teachers were just lifting their bags from the carousel in the airport and would be outside in a matter of moments. When the four women showed, Jim told them that he could only fit two into the van. The other two, unfortunately, would have to wait ONE HOUR for the next shuttle. Not acceptable, according to the 8 of us already inside the warm van. We squeezed together, I sat on the console, and we jammed the other 4 into the vehicle with us. We had TC's from New Mexico, Ohio, Kentucky, S. Dakota, and Michigan. The discussions ranged from snow to some early morning starts to the Wolverine - Buckeye clash this Saturday to Jim's retirement pension. All in all, it was a great trip with some new friends!


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