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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Already Improved!

My second session, Thursday afternoon, and I am feeling very proud of myself, as I use wikispaces, yes, wiki! Me! I'm creating wiki posts, taking notes on MY sweet little imac notebook. Who would have thought it folks! I have some great pictures, but flickr is unfortunately NOT uploading. Grrr.

I'm anxious to add to the wiki page (did I just say that?) and get feedback from others...Janet, where are you? You are missed!

So, in less than a 24 hour span, I am no longer nervous about contributing to the rcwp blog site, wikispace, and adding pictures. Unbelievable what a small amount of success can do for the soul.

I am already planning ahead to next year, with great enthusiasm and eagerness, hoping to tie in NCTE as well.

What will the next 24 hours hold in store?


Blogger Janet Swenson said...

I'm "write" here, kiddo...keep these posts coming. I felt so sad when I woke this morning knowing all you were there, and I was here. But you're offering enormous comfort with these tracings of the conference contours!!

4:29 PM  

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