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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Day 2 at NWP and NCTE

Day 2 at NWP and NCTE
We had an inspiring morning at the NWP opening session. The data on NWP from Inverness was so powerful…the thousands of teachers and children that benefit from this extraordinary professional development organization are in the many thousands. Sheridan Blau gave an inspiring speech, but I was in the rear of the domed auditorium and we couldn’t hear him very well. I sat with John Callahan from Meadow Brook WP later in the day and he said the speech was awesome. I’m sure that NWP will post it in text somewhere on the website.

I attended an afternoon session on students’ rights to their own language with Yetta Goodman, Geneva Smitherman, and Danling Fu. It was such a rich conversation with roundtables for small group discussion…but I got there late having been lost on the Delta Island in Opry Land. Yetta lifted out this quote from Alice Walker: “For it is language more than anything else that reveals and validates one’s existence.”

In the later afternoon I went to a session called High School Matters and was able to reconnect with Dixie Goswami. Dixie was nudging us to learn about the new fonts of knowledge that our students are engaged in…she said we have to rethink literacy and understand the new ethics of connectivity that the kids are working within. Dixie cautioned us that the gap between the texts the kids engage with inside and outside of school is widening. Jim Burke was there and reminded us about the need for both teachers and students to be able to think in stories and tell our stories.

A teacher from Oregon presented “The Reel World in Film” and showed a clip from a provocative documentary, “Born Into Brothels,” about children’s lives in a community in India.

By evening my head and heart were full. I’m off to hear Don Graves, so I’ll post again tonight. I leave for home early Sunday morning.


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