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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Flickr Problems

Did you know that we have a limit on how much we can upload each month? I finally got Flickr to upload my stuff, ( 2 days later) and now I either upgrade to a larger/more expensive package or just wait til the month starts over. Do ya think it means for another 30 days or a calendar month, as in December it starts over? Grrrr. Thanks to Troy I was able to go through another route to post pictures. So, although you can't get there from here, we're getting there. Using all the different technologies and programs to manipulate said equipment raises more questions than answers; hmmm.


Blogger Nobis said...

The lack of wireless connections certainly supports that idea. Tech tools are great and do revolutionize the way we work--WHEN THEY WORK. This also raises (again) the problem of access. Many of us will implement these tools in our classes (I've started using Blogger with my seniors this year, to pretty good effect so far), but many schools and students have no or limited tech access. We're looking at a growing digital divide in the coming years.

2:18 PM  

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