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Friday, November 17, 2006

Get out of your hotel

Ann Patchett, author and Nashville resident, told attendees at last night's secondary kick-0ff to be sure to leave their hotel and see the real Nashville. So tonight Amy Kilbridge, Meg Kershul, and I decided we would leave the safe confines of the Opryland and Marriott and venture out into "real Nashville."

We headed over to Patchett's part of town near Vanderbilt University and dined at a fabulously swanky and delicious restaurant called Bound'ry. Bound'ry features free valet parking, a creative and eclectic tapas menu, and an incredibly understanding hostess who will direct you out of the "bad part of town" in which you end up lost and forgive you for arriving an hour after your reservation. (Not that that happened to any of us. Oh no, not at all)

Meg and I shared the sea scallops and buttermilk grits and wished we could have ordered another plate of the grits because they were so delicious. I followed that with a tapas-size order of roast dove (because I was curious to know why people in Michigan wanted to legalize shooting them) with pears and blue cheese. Meg and Amy both had the winter squash puree. Amy added a roasted beet salad, creatively garnished with pink grapefruit, and traditional southern shrimp and grits. We finished our meal with orange-infused creme brulee and tiramisu. The experience was highly enjoyable and very reasonably priced.

You can check out Bound'ry's menu and directions (trust us, use their directions, not Mapquest!) at http://pansouth.net/boundry-index.htm

To continue our adventures in "real Nashville," we know we can't leave Music City without checking out the country music scene, so we're planning to do that tomorrow night... Any suggestions?


Blogger Steorling said...

Ah, yes, REAL Nashville. Sounds like you saw the whole spectrum one way or another. Sounds like an eventful day.

3:21 PM  

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