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Sunday, November 19, 2006

giving thanks for the lameness is good

Make that four times to make an ass out myself in three different cities!

Let me pick myself up off the floor here.

As you may recall from the beginning of my post of only a few minutes ago, it is the middle of Saturday night and my lame ass is sitting in the Cyber Cafe at the Opryland Hotel, blogging it up, while some Lifetime Channel "A Wedding Story" drunkeness reels all around me (I'm not kidding, there was a black tie wedding in the conservatory here tonight and now all the sparkly people are wandering around with the sweatpants and paper kleenex crowd).

Did I mention I'm by myself in the CyberCafe? Loser. Apparently, other people do things on Saturday nights.

Just as I was pressing "publish post," the door to my own little corner of patheticness opened, and a familiar figure strolled in.

I peek up.

He stops. Looks at me. Sits down at a computer. Looks again.

Simultaneously, sheepishly, overlapping, a conversation. Me: "I know this is going to sound weird, but I was just writing a blog about you!" Him: "I recognize you, where do I know you from?" Me (stuttering, blushing): "Oh I've made an ass out of myself in like, various places, like Vermont and like Pittsburgh a year ago" Him: "You're the person who is so good at intriuging me with the way you open conversations! I know you!"

Commence 15 minutes of bliss.

The man can read my bloody mind.

"It's Saturday night, and here we are in this great city. What are we doing *here*?" he says.

"How's the writing going?" he asks. "Thought about going back to Vermont at all?"

A National Book Award finalist just asked me about my own writing!

"So, I guess we'll be seeing each other again in strange circumstances...where is it, New York, I think, next time we meet?"

"If you don't get a chance to stop by the session tomorrow, enjoy the (with sweeping gesture towards conservatory) biosphere out there."



Blogger Steorling said...

hehe. hehe. sorry, this is my only comment, but I had to include it. hehe. You and I must share the same strange luck fairies or something. Blessings, Julie

2:58 PM  

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