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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Great Sessions Sat AM

I've typed my thoughts on my AM Sessions and added to my wiki...

I'll be working on the PM Sessions and the Middle Mosaic. There were so many great people and information; my head is FULL! Toby & Christine were there for sure. I'm sure we have a lot to share as we each sat at different tables. I hope to accumulate this info with all my links I've gained from my sessions. I love how many people didn't have handouts, but made ALL documents available on the web. SMRT I say! So, Troy, I hope we leave our stuff up a while because Lord knows I don't have time to digest everyone's info carefully... But over the next two weeks I'd love to really read other's session info!

Oh and Big Ups to Troy! What What! Everytime I ran into a Tech person from a different WP, I mentioned Troy Hicks and the reply was the same, "Oh your site is so lucky to have him." I graciously nodded in agreement and said that indeed, we are lucky to have Troy! I know other sites are jealous. Thanks so much for all your work Troy. It was well worth it.


Blogger hickstro said...

Thanks, Heather. Indeed, I feel lucky to have all of you. RCWPers are a well known group -- from digital storytelling to blogging and podcasting to professional development of all sorts. You are all representing our site, yourselves, your schools, and your work in tremendously positive ways. I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts about how we move forward from NWP 2006 and into other projects for 2006-07.

5:39 PM  
Blogger Nobis said...

Hear hear! To Troy!

11:56 AM  

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