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Friday, November 17, 2006

Hello from Nashville

I am feeling very fortunate to be here, not because it is Nashville, because truthfully conferences leave little time to actually notice any of the local sights. No … the reason for my gratitude stems from the opportunity to gather with other educators. Teaching can be an isolating profession without opportunities like NWP, to network, share, and learn from other educators. The exchange of ideas enriches me. Take the conversation I had with the folks presenting on using data to make the case for your NWP site coming down on the elevator this morning, the chat the teacher from California and I shared on our shuttle ride from the Marriott to the Willis Center, the exchanges waiting in the food line, even the small talk that occurs as you wait in line to use the restroom, all these moments grow together and are pivotal in re-energizing my commitment to learn more about technology, tools, and strategies that will advance my young students’ writing and learning. The issues, concerns, goals, and stories shared between NWP TCs scaffolds my learning, supports my determination, and helps build me up when other education mandates tear me down.

So, what I am now wondering is … through our flattening world … can this digital rcwp space (blog, wikis, and pod cast) allow a teacher to feel the support and diverse work extending from NWP in Nashville?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chances are, I was one of your shuttle drivers.

It was such a treat to host a convention of writers and teachers; certainly more interesting than the standard business traveler.

Fantastic blog. I just found it and am about to give the podcasts a spin. I do think that we are all enriched by the community of blogging.

My best to you.

2:33 PM  

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