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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Minnie's Dress and "Stalking" the Leaf Lady

So here I am at the Opryland Hotel, wandering and wondering. Minnie Pearl's red gingham dress is displayed prominently in the Cookie Shop. My new friend, Marie, (who assured me that the chocolate chip cookies were zero fat/sugar/carbs etc) had lots to tell me about country celebrities who had frequented her establishment, although I should admit that if any of today's stars were in front of me I probably wouldn't know it. There are large busses with celebrity photos splayed across the exterior-I'll try to pay attention. The halls here are all decked. The Christmas lights came on yesterday for the season, and there are wandering groups of Teachers of English admiring the sights. There was an amazing leaf-creature slithering around the lobby. Her viney tendrils moved so slowly that you didn't even notice at first that she was actually moving. Pretty impressive place... and that's not even considering the awesome amount of knowledge gathered here to celebrate literacy.


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