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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Originally uploaded by lewie73.
So, it's late. My room smells like a big fart, but I'm excited for tomorrow. The biggest bummer was that Elie Wiesel's plane would not take off due to weather on the East Coast and so they had to cancel his speech. He was going to try to phone in and talk a bit, but I did not stay for this. I think Amy K did! Hopefully she'll fill me in. I was so disappointed. If I had an I Pod, you would hear me screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO.
I will try to move on...
Sad and despondent... I lament the great speech he would have given, how the power of his voice would've hushed the room. How I would've been reminded how lucky I am and how it is my duty to educate my children of this atrocity. I would have been humbled and cried and felt renewed. dangit.


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