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Friday, November 17, 2006

what, no paper?

At the general meeting, we really are using the equipment that we borrowed from the writing center. did you notice the ipod down the row? It's great to be able to electronically and almost automatically 'save' your thoughts while listening and processing what is being presented. Kind of like using a separate, spare processing unit. Even though I'm truly engaged in the discussion, my fingers can -all by themselves, it seems- note fragments of thoughts and ideas for further consideration. This year, the third annual meeting for me, I think I'm starting to really become more comfortable with the hardware; the processes are making some sense to me. Not that I really can do this all alone, and a BIG thanks to Troy for taking valuable time away from his groups to walk me through it once again. The oportunity to learn this stuff and actually use it is very exciting -Janet, we need more of this!! I overheard the possibility of some advanced training this summer focusing on technology and digital workshops. That would be exactly what we as teacher/learners need. Sign me up!


Blogger Janet Swenson said...

Cathy = #1 on the Advanced Training list (the only problem is I thought Cathy was LEADING the advanced training ;)

6:07 PM  
Blogger hickstro said...

Blog on, Cathy! Glad to take the time to help and, I agree with Janet, you are on the list!

12:59 AM  
Blogger Steorling said...

Wow, what an amazing array of laptop fanatics! lol

3:32 PM  

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