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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pittsburgh: Birthplace of the Ohio River

The Danger Cart (also known as Mike's van) made it to Pittsburgh as well, safe and sound, with just the right amount of adventure along the way. We even got a nice welcome to the city as Mike turned onto 10th Ave to drop me off at the Westin--the Convention Center (that's the really bright thing to the right, next to the river--and i apologize for the smeary nighttime image, but I had to take it through my hotel window) is flying a huge banner that says "Welcome to Pittsburgh, National Council of Teachers of English 2005 Annual Convention. We're glad to have you here!" I'm hoping that the Omni will have a similar (but larger, naturally) sign welcoming the National Writing Project teachers. If it doesn't, I might go down tomorrow night and "revise" the Convention Center's sign for them. Anyone with dark clothes and their own ladder is welcome to join me. :)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to review the handouts for the workshops I'm attending tomorrow, and then I'm turning in. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! Posted by Picasa


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