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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Poetry at the convention center

On the roof of the David Lawrence Convention Center we were able to take this great shot. The blue on the side of the building is actually scrolling poetry. We found out that in Pittsburgh they (I think it was a certain organization) are trying to spread poetry around the city. This scrolling poetry is one way in which it is happening. Pretty cool, eh?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

We met the author of Feed - woot! Woot!

So many highlights still linger in my memory from NWP/NCTE. One of the best was the opportunity to meet National Book Award Finalist Author - M.T. Anderson. As part of Greenrock High School Writers' Retreat our high schoolers take part in a book club. Our first book was Feed, by M.T. Anderson. This is a great read and highly recommended. If you want to know more, Ninna and I would love to tell you much more. At any rate, his books rock and Ninna and I interviewed M.T. Anderson. We talked with him about his books and about advice for writers. When I returned from NWP/NCTE I was able to step back in my classroom and not only share tidbits of my experience, but I also got to tell them about this interview. M.T. Anderson advised writers to write often and read across genres. My students also loved was that specifically referenced them in this interview. For now, here's a photo of Ninna, M.T. Anderson and myself.

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RCWP TCs Discussing ideas from the conference

Staying warm together....at Pittsburghs Light up the Night!

Interviewing a teenager from Pittsburgh. Our teachers wanted to talk with the teen that has cool hair.