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Friday, November 17, 2006

Finally Online!

The Internet situation at the Nashville Airport Marriott is horrific.

I caved and agreed to pay the $9.95 per day to access the wi-fi (though I found this charge a little irritating). It became much more irritating when the signal in my first conference room was too weak to provide a consistent connection anyway.

My afternoon session was in a room that had a strong connection—to a different server. This server, I discovered after inquiring at the front desk, is not included in the $9.95 per day; it is for a service that I was told costs $250. Apparently the $9.95 per day wi-fi can only be accessed in the regular hotel rooms and in the lobby.

So this morning, I went to the lobby to access my $9.95 wi-fi in order to post my session notes to the wiki, but it wouldn’t work! I tried moving away from the conference rooms, closer and closer to the hotel rooms where the wi-fi is supposed to work, but was still unsuccessful.

Slightly annoyed, I once again visited the front desk, where I was told I should be able to log in from the lobby. When I showed the lady at the desk that I could not, she gave me a code to log in to the $250 network. I walked away, sat down, and realized that the code didn’t work. I went back to the desk where I was given another code. It didn’t work either. This happened a few more times before I had to leave to attend the General Session. At this point, the front desk told me that some people’s computers just work differently than others.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, perhaps), I am typing this on Microsoft Word and cannot post this rant because I do not have Internet access!


Blogger Andrea Z said...

Glad to see you made it online. I know how much thought you put into making your posts. Blog on, sister!

9:44 PM  
Blogger Steorling said...

Good Heavens....ignore anyone who says anything as moronic as "it doesn't work on everyone's computer".
Grrrrrr. I feel your pain.

3:26 PM  
Blogger Nobis said...

The lack of wifi throughout Nashville (or the Nashty as I like to call it) and, it turns out, at every airport I went through--and I went through a lot of them, was maddening. It would appear that we at RCWP are a step or two ahead of the rest of the world regarding digital communication. Grrrrr, indeed.

I don't even know how many of my fleeting deep thoughts didn't make it to the blogosphere before being lost. My attention span is too finely attuned to our instant response society, I guess.

12:13 PM  

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