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Thursday, November 17, 2005

At the Omni...

Well, we are at the Omni, in the lobby, blogging, podcasting, and, to some degree, panicking. After some problems with Audacity, uploading files, and creating user accounts on Blogger, we seem to be in business, for now.

This has been, unfortunately, an eventful morning. We began by waiting for a taxi, and then a complimentary shuttle, at the Radisson, neither of which ever came. This all stems from my original reservation with the Omni being cancelled. Somehow they overbooked and sent us to the Radisson, a “mere” three miles out of town, with a free shuttle.

At 7:45, we decided to brave the Pittsburgh traffic, and with Aram navigating (as only he can – bless the man), he helped a few RCWPers and other TCs from Third Coast and Idaho get to the convention center and the Omni. Well, an hour later, we got to the Omni.I was, to say the least, late to the session that I was supposed to be facilitating. I thank Peter and Paul for helping get that session going.

At any rate, things are going, people are podcasting and blogging. File uploads and crappy internet connectivity are a problem, but we will manage. We are off to present our session in just a few moments, so more on that afterwards.


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