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Friday, November 18, 2005

Frist annual Jim Burke fan club meeting

My day began early and uneventfully. Dawn broke over Pittsburgh as I boarded the 6:30 am shuttle to meet up with Paul at the first timers breakfast. There, the speaker exhorted us first timers to submit proposals for Nashville. I began to think. Hmm...if I want to come next year...anyone want to present in Nashville with me? Let me know. My email is alzellner@comcast.net. Maybe we could present on 'blogging from the convention' or 'how an iPod can get you conversations with your favorite authors.'

Which brings me to my next point...what a day we had for meeting authors!!! I know I've heard a number of stories (and hopefully soon-to-be posts will elucidate them) about how we, armed with the confidence provided by a knowledge of Voice Memo on an iPod, introduced ourselves to our heroes and struck up conversations that may not have otherwise occurred.

Which brings me to Jim Burke. Early in the morning, Carlin called to say that there had been a Jim Burke sighting. This only fueled my enthusiasm and I resolved to head straight for the Heinemann booth to arrange an interview for our little blog. As Paul and I walked toward the booth, I felt an unnatural attraction to one paticular corner. There, tucked away on a three-legged stool, was Jim Burke. I beelined for him, my heart beating fast as I zeroed in on my target. I couldn't believe it! It seemed as if fate had intervened and finally, finally, I was going to meet my idol. I introduced myself, Paul, and our mission. He consented to an interview, which you can hear in the post 'I found Jim Burke!!!!', and he was soooo nice. Just as I imagined he would be. However, I was a little starstruck. In fact, Paul spoke with him more than I did, and he was the object of my admiration. But it worked out just fine in the end. Thanks to Paul's excellent conversational skills, I think we have quite a decent podcast.

The rest of today was a whirlwind. I have posted the results of my other adventures on the Red Cedar Writing Project Wiki. I loved Frank McCourt. I promised myself that I will be just as outspoken as he is when I am 60. I am never going to shut up, let me tell you. The point of this being that I would really like for all who saw Frank to add to my notes of his speech on the wiki.

That's all for now. My work here is done.


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