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Saturday, November 18, 2006

New Teacher Initiative

Being new to the RCWP, class of 2006, I had and still have a lot to learn about the various aspects of NWP and programs offered to districts. My first session on Thursday taught me about New Teacher Initiative (see the Wikispace for notes and formal definition). I was excited to learn about such a program and admire those districts who have it in support of new teachers, k-12, cross curriculum. Eaton Rapids has a high turn over rate due to retirements, as well as a focus on writing across the curriculum. I could really see at NTI program fitting in for us. Curious about how one gets a NTI into the district, I asked Britton Gildersleeve of the Oklahoma WP what my first step would be. After asking this question for my Podcast, the answer was pretty obvious.... money!!!


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