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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Late Night, Early Morning

A late night and, now, early morning in Pittsburgh. Things went well getting here last night as Aram, Tara, Cathy, Andrea and I made our way across Ohio and into PA. The images that Mitch shared echo our experiences, too, although it was much darker and we had a little dusting of snow to make things interesting.

More importantly, we recorded an inaugural podcast in the van. Cathy will have to post it later today, so look for that coming soon. Hopefully. Wifi is spotty, and expensive, so far. I am on the free hook-up in the hotel lounge, but I don’t know of any other place for free access right now. So, podcasts and blog posts may be sporadic.

Well, we have a taxi on the way and need to get moving. Paul, Aram, Toby, and I are on our way into Pittsburgh. I am preparing for a big day with NWP Technology Liaisons. More on that later, too.


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