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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Safe Travel and Thank You

Good Monring, all my fellow RCWP'ers! This year's convention was my best ever because of you. Your excitement and enthusiasm, your wonderful adventures, and your inspiring presentations absolutely made my conference. I wish you all safe travel home.

Paul asked when we were going to get together to de-brief, and I would love to do that if you feel you're able to spare any more time. Remember I mentioned the possibility of getting together on a Saturday morning to make holiday gifts for family members with tech help available if we need it. Anyone interested in culling out some favorite family photos and music, adding some narration and making iMovies for some of the folks we love? Or publishing our own cards? Or...?

Or would a night meeting over some shared pizza work better (Cathy made me hungry with her description!)? Thank you so much for coming and for sharing your experiences with those who couldn't make the trip!


Blogger Nobis said...

I agree, this was a superlative conference. Thanks again Janet for helping so many of us get there!

I definitely want more tech training, as I have a few podcasts worth sharing (and several not worth sharing, but alas...). I have no preference for days, but look forward to pressing onward with all this cool tech stuff!

3:20 PM  

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